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Getting Jobs at Your Fingertips: Tips for Online Job Seeker

Thanks to the advancement of technology, the struggle for job hunting has never been easier. The Internet of Things (IoT) have changed the way people live their everyday life, including the way people search for jobs. Today, we do not have to buy newspapers just to check any job openings, then write the job application manually and send it by post. As digital transformation is here, all we need to do is logging into your computer, typing the keyword of the job you want, and voila! The screen will present hundreds of available job vacancies in seconds.

But wait! Does the comfort of finding online job openings also come with a guarantee that you will land your dream job easily? Unfortunately, that is not always the case. You might have submitted tens job applications online, but there is no sign that you are going to be invited for interview. At this point, you might wonder what has gone wrong in your online job search strategy. Check out the following tips to make your online job search more effective:

Subscribe to several job portals

Instead of browsing job vacancies through different platforms every day, it will be better if you stay tune in particular job portals that provide specific niches around your expertise. For example, you can search for corporate job openings at Talentvis, or available jobs in the logistics and supply chain sector at Logistics Jobs Asia. You can also subscribe to the portal to receive notifications of the latest job vacancies sent directly to your email.

Check your job application and resume

Many recruiters end up ignoring candidate’s email regarding to a job application simply because the candidates forget to put instructed information on the email subject or forget to mention the position they apply in the letter. While this might seem trivial, such careless mistake could cost you an opportunity of getting hired. That being said, you should double check your resume before attaching it in your email to make sure that you do not forget writing important information related to the job, such as contact number, gender, education, experience, as well as a photograph.

Do your homework

Not all vacancies in the job portals describe detailed information about the company profile in their page. Therefore, it is important for you to search more detail about the company such as in what area the company runs, the location, the founders, its position in the business, and other crucial information that will help you understand the job better. This research is needed so you do not apply for the wrong job.

Optimise your LinkedIn

Not being on LinkedIn is among the biggest mistake when you conduct an online job search, as most recruiters nowadays are using this professional social media to source and hire best talents. When you have set up a LinkedIn account, all you need to do is optimising your profile and enhancing your online resume to attract potential employers.

Get to know a recruiter

Majority job portals provide an ‘apply’ button in their platform that allows you to directly send your application to the company. However, you cannot just rely on this feature. If it is possible, you can search for recruiter’s email address and contact them politely if they have jobs for you. Getting to know a recruiter is an effective to get yourself noticed.

Check your inbox – often

First, you should make sure that you enter the right phone number in your application. Then you should ensure that your phone is always active during working hours. You need to get ready and standby whenever a recruiter calls you. Some recruiters prefer choose to communicate by emails, while some prefer making class so you need to check your inbox periodically to make sure you don’t miss anything.

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