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4 Signs from Interviewers that You’re Probably Not Getting the Job Offer

No matter how many times you have gone to interview sessions in different companies, there are good chances that each meeting always comes as a daunting experience for you. On the one hand, getting an opportunity to meet potential employers always brings excitement and expectation of getting hired. But on the other hand, there is always a feeling of worry and stress as you have to be able to sell yourself and demonstrate that you are the best fit candidate for the position by showing that you are a likeable individual. No wonder, this situation often makes you nervous when facing interviewers.

You might think that the interviewers are mean, smileless figure who will bombard you with deadly questions. Especially if they find you not into their liking, they might blatantly show their dislike in front of you. But the truth is, recruiters will always try to be kind and friendly towards candidates regardless they like them or not. However, as a human being, sometimes there are things that they cannot hide when they feel uncomfortable around someone. Body language, face expression, and tone are among the things you can look at to see if they like you - and expect a bigger chance to snatch the job.

But what if it is the other way round? How can you tell that the interviewers are not in your favour - and accept the fact that you are probably not getting the job offer? Here’s how:

They don’t maintain eye-contact

Everybody might show this sign when they are talking to person they do not really like, and so do the recruiters. They might just look at you for a second or two when throw a question, then they will choose to busy themselves looking at your CV on their hand. Or you can notice that their eyes go to other directions and look like thinking about your answer, but actually they do not. The truth is that they are hardly trying to enjoy your explanation, but they cannot.

They don’t listen carefully nor give following question

When it comes to topic about your experience and you mention some of your previous jobs or volunteer experiences but the recruiter only responds with simple ‘Good’, ‘Oh’, or other brief expressions without giving further questions to know more about it, you should be alarmed that they might not be interested in hearing your story. Instead of digging in for details, they might just proceed to the next question with other topic as they want to finish all formal questions as soon as possible.

They try to hit you down by tough question

Hiring managers might not show this sign when facing boring candidates, but only to the annoying and difficult ones. When the recruiter tends to respond your statement with never ending ‘What if’, it might show that they are annoyed with the way you talk. If you face this condition, it will be better for you to turn down your tone to avoid unnecessary debate.

They make the interview so short

When a recruiter likes you, he might talk about your future in the company, employee benefits, company culture and many things related to the organisation. They also ask many things about you including your availability to start working and sign the contract. That being said, this kind of prospective interview usually takes longer time. On the other side, if the interview runs briefly without discussion about those things, it can be a bad sign that you are not suited for the job.

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