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29 May 2017

Here’s the situation: you have secured an invitation for one of the most important interviews in your life. You know that you have the skills, experience, and other qualifications required for the job. However, upon meeting face-to-face with a panel of interviewers, you find your palms are swe...

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15 May 2017

Recruiting talent is not easy, especially meeting skilled talent demand across industries accompanied by looming global labour shortage. In order to attract the best talent with the right set of skills, recruiters are required to ardently search for a gem among the pebbles, rocks and stones. The p...

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12 May 2017

Welcome to the era where social media not just helps you connect with your long-lost friends, but also helps you meet with your dream employers. Tools such as LinkedIn and Facebook have made it possible for jobseekers to deposit their resumes, share experiences, and reach out to professionals throug...

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09 May 2017

Digital transformation is no longer associated solely with the tech department. Moving at a rapid pace, digitalisation has transformed all business sectors across industries. Automation, big data, analytics, and AI (artificial intelligence) are only some copious examples, of familiar tech terms used...

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05 May 2017

College recruiting programs are on the rise. Based on worldwide survey conducted by GMAC Corporate Recruiters, 89 percent respondents plan to conduct on-campus recruitment. Besides referrals and internships, college recruitment is proven to be one of the most effective offline hiring methods to attr...

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