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20 Nov 2017

Here’s the case: you might be all passionate in what you are doing for a living and willing to give your best for the company’s sake. While you want to hold high such commitment, there are times when you have to be realistic about your true values in the organisation. If you think that y...

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13 Nov 2017

What matters most for your employees? What keeps them motivated to show up at work every day? If you think that the key lies in handing out big pay check or pampering them with flashy perks, you might need to rethink the idea. While appreciating their hard work with such financial and material resou...

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25 Oct 2017

What does your resume actually say about you? Chances are, most people would think that a resume is a list of information about education background, working experiences and skills, as well as some other personal details. Well, the truth is, a piece of resume can say more than just that about your p...

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19 Oct 2017

Radical advances of science and technology have become the game changers in almost every aspect of today’s modern life. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to talk to chatting bots instead of real customer service officer, or see robots employed as factory worker in manufacturing company. With the au...

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17 Oct 2017

Upon graduating from college or university, you have to get ready to enter the whole new realm spreading in front you: working world. Job hunting is a full-time job in itself. Amidst today’s economic slowdown, organisations seek to fetch potential candidates who can demonstrate their capabilit...

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