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04 Oct 2018

  Many people have a conviction that they have enough time to relax and enjoy their twenties. With so much freedom and minimal responsibilities, twenty-somethings is that time your life where you don’t have to worry about a career, children, or mortgages. Often dubbed as the prime-time...

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28 Sep 2018

  ‘Time is Precious’   Being a recruiter is a full-time job in itself. After finishing one task, you have to get ready to roll up your sleeves and get down to the other. From sorting out hundreds of resumes piling up in your desk, conducting background checks, sending out...

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27 Sep 2018

  Chances are, the access to electricity is something that we most often take for granted in life. Many would assume that it is natural that we find the lights are on all day, we can easily charge our laptops and gadgets, or we can sleep comfortably under in an air-conditioned room. While we...

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21 Sep 2018

  Monotonous daily routine can be boring. Waking up in the morning, you have to get ready for work, go on a long and crowded commute, deal with those dull tasks, have lunch at the cafeteria, make small talk with coworkers, then leave the office on time. While you might be enthusiastic with t...

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13 Sep 2018

  Being stuck in a traffic jam during a morning commute is aggravating already. Not to mention, it makes you come late to work and your boss stares at you with his killer eyes as he awaits the task you should have submitted early in the morning. All these occurrences are enough to ruin your...

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