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26 Jun 2018

As the deadline draws closer and the workload keeps piling up, it is not uncommon that many people think that working overtime is an absolute solution to ensure the targets are met within designated timeframe. However, is it true that working overtime is the only way to meet the overwhelming work de...

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07 Jun 2018

No matter how many times you have gone to interview sessions in different companies, there are good chances that each meeting always comes as a daunting experience for you. On the one hand, getting an opportunity to meet potential employers always brings excitement and expectation of getting hired....

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25 May 2018

Getting an opportunity for an interview is a good news in itself, especially when considering that usually only shortlisted applicants are invited to an interview session. But what happens if you are no longer interested in continuing the recruitment process or accidently getting another interview s...

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14 May 2018

So you have managed to answer tricky questions thrown by the hiring managers and stepped out of the interview room with a confident feeling that you would snatch the job. However, after waiting for days, the answer you expect never come, or maybe not yet. You have not heard any feedback from your po...

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30 Apr 2018

How long have you been joining in the workforce? When you have been working for more than 20 or 30 years, there are good chances that you have gained enough experiences and acquired copious new skills from the long tenure. While you might have become an expert at this point, does it mean that you sh...

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