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25 Jul 2017

Internet is the new public sphere. Even when you post something and set it in private mode, there are good chances that someone can perform breach of access and use the information against you. The case can get worse, as there is a popular saying that ‘once something is posted on the internet,...

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19 Jul 2017

Located in the heart of Southeast Asia, Singapore is more than Megalopolis country with gleaming skyscrapers and flickering city lights. More than what eyes can see, it represents the beauty of cultural melting pot. Inhabited by several ethnic groups living harmoniously side by side, the island nati...

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14 Jul 2017

   Here’s the case: you love your current job, as it invokes your passion and sparks your interest to keep learning and improving your expertise in the field. Not to mention, you feel contented with the organisation’s favorable culture and supportive working environment as w...

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05 Jul 2017

The Changing Skills of the Typical Warehouse Worker  The e-commerce boom and technological revolution witnessed across industries globally, and more so in Asia Pacific, has fuelled the need for warehouses to speed up logistics operations and streamline supply chain management process...

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03 Jul 2017

Congratulations! After weeks or even months of endless meetings and rounds of interviews, you have just sealed a major contract with prospective talents for a prominent organisation in the industry. During the critical period, you barely have enough time to eat lunch without being hurried by tight d...

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