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03 Dec 2018

  As the deadline for an important financial report is coming closer, you stay up all night working on it with a hope that your supervisor will be pleased with your efforts. When the next day you hands in it to him, he seems nice as he skims your task while suddenly saying ‘It’s...

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28 Nov 2018

  It’s 9AM on a sunny Monday and you are ready to start your day. After arriving at the office and logging into your computer, you realise that something is missing – where is your morning coffee? Afraid that you might not be able to function well without your daily dose of caffe...

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22 Nov 2018

  "Due to current recession, the company is downsizing. We’ve had to let some people go, and you’ve been affected.” How would you feel when receiving this message in your inbox on one morning? As scary as it might be, getting fired from your job especially in today&...

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14 Nov 2018

  You just heard that your coworker is getting a promotion. While you are happy for his career progression, you cannot help feel the unpleasant emotion after knowing about his success. You might think that you have worked just as good as him or even better but he is the one who get promoted,...

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01 Nov 2018

  Have you ever told a lie? If your answer is a no, well, you might be lying already. A study found that people do lie at least once in their entire life. Even in a 10-minutes conversation, a person can tell a lie 3 to 5 times. In the workplace, probably the most common lie you will hear...

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