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07 Sep 2017

  In this increasingly digitised world where everything has gone virtual, social media presence often becomes your first medium to meet employers and hiring managers. It i no secret that employers are increasingly using social media to check a candidate's integrity. Owing to which, you h...

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29 May 2017

Here’s the situation: you have secured an invitation for one of the most important interviews in your life. You know that you have the skills, experience, and other qualifications required for the job. However, upon meeting face-to-face with a panel of interviewers, you find your palms are swe...

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10 Mar 2017

Isn’t a resume enough to apply, many job seekers ask. Why do employers still need a cover letter along with resume? Despite the fact that you have a well-drafted resume that speaks about you, the importance of a cover letter can be lest ignored. And just like the resume has its role to play, a...

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03 Mar 2017

Technology has been much of a game-changer in how people conduct business. And the process of recruitment holds no exception. In the midst of this changing face of the global economy, and its impact on hiring and job hunting process the workforce demography has brought about a culture of inclusivity...

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20 Feb 2017

What should I write in my CV to land the interview? What are the qualities and qualifications sought by employers from a potential candidate? What should I do to showcase my competencies? Where do I even start? When you are job hunting, it is not uncommon to see these questions popping up on your...

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