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28 Jan 2019

  A business cannot run well without employees and company will see bankruptcy if they did not employ the right people. This is where the job of recruiters matters. – Anonymous Recruiters are people who have responsibility to bring, employ, and maintain the best candidates in the c...

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09 Jan 2019

  Hiring managers are often reluctant to allow their employees work remotely owing to the fear of lack monitoring and communication. Having remote workers also means that employers need to be ready for minimum or even zero physical interaction with them, which is important to maintain relati...

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19 Dec 2018

  Recruitment is the most important things to keep a business going and growing. However, it is also the most complicated task to accomplish. With the labour market is improving as seen from a decline in unemployment rates, fewer people are getting retrenched while more companies are hiring....

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01 Nov 2018

  Have you ever told a lie? If your answer is a no, well, you might be lying already. A study found that people do lie at least once in their entire life. Even in a 10-minutes conversation, a person can tell a lie 3 to 5 times. In the workplace, probably the most common lie you will hear...

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28 Sep 2018

  ‘Time is Precious’   Being a recruiter is a full-time job in itself. After finishing one task, you have to get ready to roll up your sleeves and get down to the other. From sorting out hundreds of resumes piling up in your desk, conducting background checks, sending out...

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