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05 Oct 2018

  How many times have you applied for a job? Dozens? Hundreds? Or even thousands?   The struggle of landing yourself an actual job can be a pain in the neck. Despite your utmost efforts in sending your resumes and job applications to many companies, it seems that luck is not in your...

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04 Oct 2018

  Many people have a conviction that they have enough time to relax and enjoy their twenties. With so much freedom and minimal responsibilities, twenty-somethings is that time your life where you don’t have to worry about a career, children, or mortgages. Often dubbed as the prime-time...

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21 Sep 2018

  Monotonous daily routine can be boring. Waking up in the morning, you have to get ready for work, go on a long and crowded commute, deal with those dull tasks, have lunch at the cafeteria, make small talk with coworkers, then leave the office on time. While you might be enthusiastic with t...

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13 Aug 2018

  Living in a day where constant change is the norm, people need to continuously update their knowledge and skills in order to stay relevant with the latest job trends. To improve performances at work, employees are keen in pursuing higher education and achieving professional growth. Meanwhi...

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08 Aug 2018

  Imagine having to face that difficult coworker of yours every day. Just being in the same room as them is enough to make you feel suffocated, let alone having to work and collaborate with them in a particular project. As annoying as it might be, avoiding them altogether is not an option ei...

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